In short, everything happened at the wedding of my sister. No, I do not want to say that my sister is a whore, but she lost her virginity as early as 14 - 15. Do not think like that, this is not a father and not me. Some of her classmate, you bastard. But with her friend Katyuha, I only met once before the wedding of my sister. And that glimpse. But for some reason she sunk into my soul and even on our first fleeting date I really wanted to blow her. Imagine that I saw two girls in mini skirts sitting on the couch with their legs wide apart on the seat. Both knees were tightly compressed, but the ankles were shorter so wide that there was a specific glare. Sister before that, I not only saw more than once naked, but also fucked with prezikom. But Katyukha !?

Before the wedding, I did not even know that my sister Svetka would invite her to be the witness. What was my joyful surprise to see Katyukha a witness at the sister's wedding. It is clear that the moor shuras are primarily from witnesses on both sides. But I immediately explained the horse by the groom so that he would not make special plans for Katyukh. In view of the differences in age and weight categories, the horse seems to understand my hints and did not interfere with me. “Wedding, wedding, sang and played ...” It was fun. They kidnapped the bride, a lot of contests. Well, in short everything is as it should be.

When the last dance was announced, I naturally invited Katyukha. With my left hand I firmly pressed her to me, feeling the heat of the girl's breasts, and with my right hand I began to stroke her elastic but soft ass. The thin fabric of her dress to the knees did not prevent me from feeling the gum of her fashionable strings. My right hand quickly moved from one half to the other and finished its movement in its crotch, tightly squeezing it, already started to flow, fuck. The music ended, but we continued to stand in the middle of the gradually emptying hall. Mamashka came to the rescue, asking me to carry Katya to the house. The time is later, and the rayon is not the most peaceful. Naturally, I gladly agreed. Katyukha also seemed to have nothing against her. It seemed to me that she had already sunk to me. Gestures, glances. And in general, it seemed to me that she had sunk over me even at our first fleeting meeting.

All the way to her house we chatted about nothing. It is clear that both are slightly drunk and excited by the wedding of my sister and her best friend. She did not seem to resist when I blatantly pawed her chest or loudly slapped her ass. Several times she literally hung on me, trying to kiss me in a hickey. Girl! However, at the door of her apartment, she put a finger to my lips and said goodbye until tomorrow.

I insistently asked her “a stick of tea!” She did not seem to understand, since she was still a virgin. Word for word with farewell kisses in a hickey - in short, I was in the dark corridor of her apartment between the bathroom and the kitchen.

- Wait, I have to.

And she disappeared behind the doors of the combined bathroom. Soon there was a shower noise. Yeah, washed away, flashed through my mind. It's time! I took off my shirt and entered the bathroom ...

- Oh!

She clumsily covered her breasts in 3 sizes with her right hand. My left hand tried to hold and hide my fluffy virgin pussy from my eyes.

- Do not. Please log out. I'm naked!

- Take off the legs, bitch. Now you too will have the first wedding night. True without an official husband. Now I will hear you, beauty. Don't you want to feel what your best friend feels at the moment? Her tearing the virgin!

As for the latter, I was certainly bluffing, since I knew very well that Sveta was no longer a virgin from 14 to 15 years old. However, at that time I was not yet sure that Katyukha was a virgin. In her 22 years ?!

- Please, you are stronger. Do not!!! I'm still a girl.

And she burst into tears, tightly pressing a terry towel to her naked body. It made me even more excited.

- Tselyachk !! Do not worry, I tear you almost do not hurt. I have already done this many times. Spread the legs wider and relax, honey. SchA riser planted. You still like it.

Katyukha was sobbing in her voice, but she understood that there was no way to expect help from her. Her parents were not at home. Scream, do not scream, do not care for everyone in our district. It remained to rely on fate and my gentle nature. She certainly understood that I was not going to marry her. And I can fuck her for the first time is not very painful, as promised, but I can ...

- You are welcome. Do not! I do not want this to happen out of love. Do you want to suck you? Well, please do not pussy. I better give you your ass.

Ha! The girl herself offered, no one pulled her tongue.

- Suck, bitch !!!

She got a feather before me on her knees and ineptly put in my mouth a rearing member. I tried to force it into my mouth with the force, but I choked and spat out. Then she tried several times to hold the tongue on the penis from head to root. It did not work, the tongue constantly slipped to the side. It is understandable, as a rule, virgins don't even know how to suck. I had to conduct an educational program. I grabbed her head with my hand and literally planted on my dick. There was a chomp in a hickey. Soon I finished in her mouth. Katyukha swallowed my sperm and continued to take the dick by the cheek, not allowing him to fall off. My excitement was still focused on her hymen. But no, she also wanted to in the ass. Sweet for dessert. Will she compare with what sensations.

I quickly turned it over and put cancer on the floor of the bathroom. Towel successfully turned under her. Spitting up a couple of times, I smeared her with a swinger, I mean, the entrance to the anal hole. Another pair of spit on the penis and rushed! She screamed, moaned, tried to push my dick out of her ass. No, beautiful, blowing, so to ecstasy. And here he is the climax - I put it in the ass for the most eggs! Five more, six deep and sharp stitches. My dick spewed another batch of cum inside the bottom of the poor girl. Katyukha screamed, cried, finished ...

But she is still "virgin" with her own words. Urgent need to correct this mistake of nature. Such a woman and "girl." I had to slightly raise her body and perch her right foot into the bathroom. Her resistance weakened, The whole neck and shoulders in my hickeys.

“Just please don't hurt!” I wanted my husband to do it with caresses and love. My whole ass still burns after rape.

- rape? And you imagine - you are a legitimate wife and sick. Your lawful husband came home from work and seeks to you in the desire for hard sex. You can not refuse him, because he is a legitimate husband? So what's the difference? And here and there fuck! If you will be clever and you will obey me - you will like it. Do you know how many I holed?

With my right hand, I caressed Katyukha’s long-swollen nipple. My left hand slowly stroked her ass, and the middle finger constantly penetrated the pulsing anus. My lips passionately kissed Katyukha's body. My dick crawled over her left ally from the inside, lightly banging her lower belly. I sent a member of her pussy, put his hands on her hips and sharply pulled down. Katyukha screamed and almost fell, rising to the tip of her left leg. However, the member never entered to the end. There was no blood and the virgin was not torn. This pose is not for Katyuhi. So you can be busy for a long time. "Rider" is better for her. Under its weight, the target will burst.

- Pussy, honey, well, everything, more today I will not hurt. Now you sit on top of me and smash me a little in retaliation for the pain.

I showered Katyukha with kisses, but did not let her hips out of my hands. I lay back on the towel and put it on my stomach. She several times with pleasure jumped on my inflated press. Katyukha did not have time to understand how she was again impaled on my rearing member. I made several sharp pushes upwards with simultaneous strong lowering of Katyukha’s body downwards. This time, she did not even have time to cry out. And now she is jumping in ecstasy on my Coke. Damn, barely managed to pull out, because prezik was not. Rather, he was, but in his wallet, in the pocket of his hooded trousers ..

Katyukha collapsed in exhaustion next to a towel, letting out a sweet sigh.

This was her first true ecstasy. I neatly ran my hand over her pussy and showed her virgin blood along with the death. It is finished, who would doubt.

- Well, like it? And you were afraid, stupid. Oh, woman! You were beautiful and deserve a cunnilingus. Now I will wash you and take the bainki.

- And cunnilingus? You know, I was already so excited that I could not sleep. Maybe drink? It is necessary to celebrate the loss of virginity. And then …

And only then I remembered that I was pulling a bag of a third French bottle of brandy, a couple of bottles of dry wine and goodies from the wedding table. And Katyukhino then promised a stormy night. She was not ashamed of me anymore and was anticipating future washing away with the peasants. After finishing the water procedures together with a series of savory hickeys on her gorgeous delicate skin, I carried her to the bed. Soon I returned to her bedroom with a tray of booze and snacks. We drank and kissed on the lips in a hickey, caressing each other. It was wonderful, but I was impatient to give Katyukha the main surprise of this “extramarital” night - cunnilingus. Unhappy virgin earned it honestly.

My lips were in her crotch. The tongue zealously began to caress Katyaha's external labia. Slightly interfered with a light gun on her pussy. I spread my fingers to the outer labia and pushed my tongue into the depths of quite recently the virgin hole. Katyukha wrapped her long fingers around her nipple and began to rotate it smoothly, emitting languid moans. Her other hand began to pull at her clit. I removed both her hands. My hands lay on her chest and began to slowly but firmly squeeze them in time with my deep aspirations of her young cunt. Her hands fell on my head and gently began to shag my hair. Soon Katyukha shook her whole body finely, her knees pressed tightly against my head. She finished in my mouth. I never stopped licking and sucking her cunt. She pulled my head up slightly.

- Come to me, darling, desired, one and only.

The second part of Marlezonsky ballet began. Now I already put on a prezik and taught Katyukha all the poses existing in the Kama Sutra. We ended in unison and strife. Only in the morning we lay down next to us as if in the bathroom for the first time.

In the morning we went in search of a dress for Katyukha, able to hide my hickey on her beautiful body. And it was found in the wardrobe of the prude. Dark to the floor with a collar stand, exposing her arms and back to the very priests. Naturally she did not wear underwear. All the men were shocked at such a transformation by the modest Katyukha and with pleasure during the slow skin sank their hands through an incision on the ass of a freshly baked woman. She even with great pleasure rubbed her nipples through the thin fabric of the dress about the breasts of men than in the day before. In general, Katyukha sharply matured in just one night. But the sister's husband Svetka walked gloomy. It is understandable, because the sister did not advertise that she was no longer a virgin.

Sister Svetka raises daughter, yet a virgin. I can not say whether Katyukha’s life has developed, but now she is already the third time after her husband and is raising a son and two daughters from previous marriages. And yet she was the first me. Although not a husband, but rather a teacher mentor. And seemingly not bad.