When I was 19 years old, I was a second year student at a civilian university in the regional center; I was an ordinary guy with a feminine figure and facial features. He lived at the time of studying with his relatives, because my parents wanted me to spend the first years of my studies under the supervision of my elders. The owners of the apartment were relatives of my father, an uncle (my father's brother, was the youngest son in the family and 35 years old) a tall man of athletic build, with a hard, imperious gaze, and an uncle’s wife of 36 years old, about the same height as me, with a shock of black hair on head and chiseled figure. Children for some reason they did not have. We lived in a two-room apartment in a standard panel house, where everything is always heard what is happening in the neighbors, in the neighboring rooms, in connection with which I often heard my uncle quite actively “fuck up” his wife. At the first sounds, I immediately leaned against the wall, listening to their moans and conversations. After they finished their business, I turned on porn with girls like aunt on my laptop. Most of the porn I was excited, as the girls did a blow job, received big cocks in the ass and swallowed the guys sperm.

Lately, I began to pay attention that the groans in the bedrooms of my older relatives stopped, but I did not notice any disagreement in their relationship.

One evening, as usual, I came home from school, I heard the moans of my aunt coming from the room of my aunt and uncle, not wanting to be noticed, I cautiously began to make my way to my room. Passing by the aunt's bedroom, I noticed that the door was ajar, I tried not to look, but curiosity and lust won, and I, like a zombie, almost drooling, began to contemplate the picture that had opened. A faint light burned in the room, which illuminated the bed, on which an aunt was lying in a knee-elbow pose, the beautiful roundish priest looked up invitingly, her legs in black stockings were wide apart, revealing the view of her anal hole of light brown color and juicy, clean pussy, in which I noticed a vibrating phallus, the head of the aunt was on the side, her face was covered with hair, and her hands were clutching the bedspread. Her whole body was shaking. Looking at her, I myself did not understand how, I took out my penis and began to annoy him. My legs were shaking, from every minute I became increasingly active with my hand. And at that time I felt someone else’s hand on my shoulder, turning my head, I saw my uncle, who was looking at me with a slight smile, I would like to cry out, but my uncle was ahead of me and, putting a finger to my lips, shook his head, he began to drive a finger on my lips, and sharply turning me to myself pressed on my shoulders, from which I squatted, in front of me was his groin, not understanding how, I began to unbutton his pants, and when I pulled my underpants over my face, my uncle fell, he was gorgeous, about twenty centimeters long and seven centimeters thick Olsha scrotum, penis was circumcised head was thicker than the main trunk of a couple of centimeters bright - pink, penis and pubic uncles were clean shaven. As soon as I saw this “monster” in front of me, I involuntarily swallowed saliva. In my head flashed scenes of porn movies, where girls suck big cocks. Uncle put one hand on my head, and began to move it to his penis, remembering porn movies, I closed my eyes and licked the head of the penis, its trunk with my tongue, then opened my mouth and began to suck the head, while the uncle controlled the tempo. I put my dick deeper into my mouth, but from my experience no more than seven centimeters a member could not fit. My mouth was filled with saliva, I began to catch myself thinking that I liked it, I disconnected from the whole world, forgot about my aunt, for me there was only a member of my uncle, his musky smell and taste. After a while, my uncle painfully grabbed my hand by the hair and snarling began to cum in my mouth, my mouth was filled with sperm, it was a lot, I tried to swallow it, but I still could not, it drained from the corners of my mouth. When I opened my eyes and pulled away from the member, gasping for breath, I saw a naked aunt standing next to me. I first saw her naked, her beautiful small breasts with pink nipples, elastic belly perfect clean pubis and beautiful pussy lips, her body covered with perspiration. She looked at us and smiled, aunt sat down next to me and began to cover my face and lips with kisses, lick off the remnants of sperm from my face.

Without saying a word, my aunt got up, took my hand and led me to the bathroom. I silently obeyed, followed her. When she entered, she smiled sweetly, and gently asked me to undress, I began to take off my clothes with shaking fingers and excitement, my aunt looked at me all the time and continued to smile as she appreciated my body, when I got rid of the clothes my aunt whispered “Like a girl”, I I went into the shower and started to wash, and in the meantime she began to look for something in a locker. Enjoying warm water, I began to wake up a little. When I was about to finish bathing, my aunt walked into the shower, and began to rub me from neck to toes with some kind of cream, her touches were very pleasant, and I began to get excited again. Then aunt washed me and all the hair from my body was washed away. My body was perfectly clean, white skin covered with goose bumps from the excitement of what is happening. Aunt once again appreciated me, took my swollen penis in her hands, and began to gently podrachivat it. She smiled at me, in her eyes she read lust and desire, she touched me with her breasts, rubbed pubic about me, while whispering in my ear "My Girl" that I will be fine today and I will become a real girl. She turned me to her back and asked me to bend down. Hands parted my buttocks and on his anus, I felt the gentle touch of her fingers. Then I felt something penetrate my ass and fill my intestines with water. After cleaning my body, my aunt washed me with buttered my butter, paying special attention to my bottom. Then she began to call me, penetrating my hole with cream, first with one finger, then with two, three. What gave me great pleasure. After all the procedures, my aunt put on black stockings on me, a garter belt for stockings, a corset, and a wig with black long hair, tinted my cheekbones, moving away from me a couple of steps, and looking at me with an appreciative look, she smiled, remaining probably pleased their work. And already approved she said, “Good bitch,” “Let's go to our man, otherwise he was tired of waiting for us.”

In the room the uncle was already naked lying on the bed, sipping some drink from his glass, stroking his member with one hand, watched the news on TV.

Raising his eyes to us, he appreciated me, smiled mysteriously and continued to watch TV again. Aunt let me down the bed, I sat on one side of my uncle, and she sat on the other. I looked again at my uncle's dick, lust awoke in me, and passion I took his big eggs with one hand, and began to stroke him with my other hand, at that moment that clicked in me, I wanted this member, I wanted sperm again, my anus pleasantly twisted filling his mouth with saliva. I lowered my head and plunged his cock into my mouth, I began to suck it, play with the head with my tongue, sucking the shaft of the penis, the scrotum. My uncle's palm fell on my head, forcing him to swallow deeper, tears flowed from my eyes, but I did not stop, continuing my oral caress. At this time, aunt and uncle were kissing and discussing something fun, but I was not up to them, for me there was only a member and my mouth. My aunt was very much in control, pushed me away from the object of my lust and began to suck on her uncle's cock. At the same time appealingly prizopyriv ass. I was fascinated looking at them, my breathing became faster. She made a movement of her body back, and my face was pressed to her ass, my face was between her buttocks, it almost sank between them. I began to lick, licked slowly, running my tongue over my buttocks. Having licked them, I began to lick between them, moving, my tongue came across a swarthy ringlet, as soon as I touched it with the tongue, it shuddered. And she pushed her ass even more. I began to lick this place more, it gradually began to open. Then I began to sink my tongue before her pussy. Dropping to her, I began to clumsily lick her, trying to penetrate her vagina with my tongue, they would pull out a muffled moan from my aunt’s chest if her mouth would not be occupied by a member of her uncle, she would probably deafen the entire room. Oral bacchanalia did not last long, my uncle finished his drink, pushed his aunt aside, looked at me maliciously. Aunt, as if realizing her husband, led me to the center of the bed and put an elbow posture in the knee, spread my legs wide. She kissed me and said that I would not be afraid that I would become a good slut, that my butt was just created so that she would be fucked by a big dick. I was on all fours trembling in anticipation of what was going to happen to me, I was both scared and pleased. At that moment I felt a huge head touch my anus, from which he pressed hard, for which he received a slap from his uncle on his buttock. And I heard the aunt's twitter that I would relax and I would be pleased, I obeyed and relaxed the sphincter ring as much as possible. And then I felt like something huge began to slowly spread my anus. Tears spilled from his eyes, a lump appeared in his chest. Uncle slowly began to penetrate my gut, I screamed throughout the room, his strong hands squeezed my waist, my aunt's hands stroked my ass, while she kept repeating everything quieter, good girl. It seemed to me that it was an eternity before the head of the penis found itself in my ass had the feeling that I felt her with my whole body, the urge to push him out of my mind quickly appeared, I tried to sack off my uncle's hook, but his hands did not allow me to do this, After the head of the member entered my uncle waited for about ten seconds so that my body would get used to its size, then he began to slowly enter my anus deeper, a centimeter per centimeter his unit penetrated me deeper and deeper. Reaching half, he began to slowly fuck my monster hole tearing my insides. And then it seemed to me that they switched the toggle switch. The pain receded before pleasure, every push of a member inside me gave me pleasure, I involuntarily podmahivat booty and move to meet a member of my uncle, and he continued to fuck me all, accelerating the pace and plunging deeper into me when his member completely entered me, he increased the amplitude almost coming out of me and again with force up to the stop entering back. The room was filled with chomping sounds and my moans, my aunt, at this time, seeing our mate with my uncle, caressed herself biting her breasts. In this position, he fucked me for a few minutes. Then, without leaving me, he lay down on his back and sued me on top of his dick, I started the jump, his dick all the way into me causing a little pain and indescribable sensations, then with a smacking I entered back, I rolled my eyes and fell into the abyss of pleasure . And then I felt how the waves of orgasm began to cover, they rolled one by one until they turned into a tsunami of pleasure. My dick poured out sperm in huge portions, it just flowed like a river, I was cramped. Not when I have not experienced such an orgasm. Uncle began to finish too, driving his sperm into me. When I came to my senses, my uncle lay on top of my aunt, fucking her. I turned to them and began to watch them, my uncle turned his head to me and blew a kiss, and at that time my aunt began to finish. My uncle pulled his penis out of her and without saying a word put it in my mouth with the words “Suck”, I, as a decent one, began to suck his cock until he finished in my mouth, I swallowed everything to the drop and completely licked it fell into a deep sleep.