The story is fictional and is the fruit of my sick imagination.


We met her on my birthday. She was a friend of my friend's girlfriend and was invited only for quantity. There were quite a few of us and I decided that it would be better to rent a cottage. Zatarivshis binge and food, we went to the place.

The place was beautiful: a big house, quiet neighbors, beautiful air and just wonderful weather (summer no matter how). I was then 18 years old and there was no particular experience with the female sex. That is, sex was, but you know ... it would be better if it was not))

We had already been celebrating for 2 hours and some were pretty drunk, so it was quite fun and no one was brawling. I noticed her too late. My acquaintance already stitched to her and I decided not to interfere. He also continued to drink, to poison all life stories, in general, as it should be, the soul of the company. I noticed that she does not pay attention to a friend, but looks at me. I decided ...

After another story, everyone started chatting about some kind of nonsense and decided to act. I sat down with her (the familiar village, apparently understood her) and spoke first:

- Hello. I'm max

- Hello. Anya. Although I already know your name.

- I wonder where? - smiling I ask.

- Kate told. She invited me.

- Clear. Listen, how about a drink with a birthday boy?

“With great pleasure,” Anya replies. - Just give the wine, okay?

- Lady's desire for me is the law.

I pour her and myself, raise my glass and, with a solemn air, say:

- For the most beautiful person in this house!

- Do not you think that drinking for yourself is a bit strange? - smiling asks Anya.

- I drink for you, Anya. I liked you, and I think this is the best toast for all our stay.


Everyone started to leave, and by 3 am only I, Anya, my friend and his girlfriend were left. This couple had already rushed off to the second floor of the room and was clearly not going to go out from there.

I was almost sober, despite the amount of alcohol, but Anya was ready. I already wanted to fuck her, but my upbringing did not allow me to use the girl, although I really wanted to. She was gorgeous: she was about 168 in height, with high breasts, a round butt, a flat tummy and just an ocherino cute face. Actually, I was not a freak. About 185 height, strong body, sweet face. Girls stuck to me, and I did not care. But now, now I myself was like these girls stuck to me, I thought about this Ani, and she peacefully slept in the next room and did not even suspect the thoughts in my head. “Well, Anya, I will fuck you, whether you like it or not.”


I quietly entered the room, went to the bed and began to wake her.

- Anya, wake up. Need to talk.

“Mmm ... what about?”

“About you and about what will happen a little later,” I say. - Sit down.

She rises and looks at me in surprise.

- Max, what do you want? I'm tired and want to sleep.

- I want to sleep as well. I want to sleep with you.

Her face needed to be seen. A mixture of surprise, joy and ... relief.

- Finally, I thought you would not offer. I immediately liked you and I waited for you half the night, and you just now matured. Why so long?

I was shocked.

"I'm sorry, what? I just said that I want to fuck you, and you just waited for this? Hah, I was right. All women are sluts. ”This thought flashed through my head in a split second, and the next minute I lay on top of her and kissed her sweet lips.

God, she is beautiful. I literally tear off her dress and she remains only in underwear. I quickly take off my shirt and shorts and lie down on it again. I kiss her neck and start to go down. I stop at the chest and with my teeth I drag off my bra, and then I drop it sharply. She screams and says that I did not slow down, but already quickly went down below. I lift it and an unnecessary bra flies away. God, she has beautiful breasts! Size 2.5? 3 ?. No matter the main thing they are beautiful. I start to bite and lick her breasts, and my left hand is in her panties. How wet there!

Leaving her chest alone, kisses get to the cherished place and tear her panties on it.

- Fool! How will I go without them? - Anya shouts laughing.

- I'll give you my, don't worry.

She laughs, but her laugh is interrupted, as my tongue is already deep in her. I carefully lick her pussy. Mmm ... so sweet. Damn, she's driving me crazy.

My member is already long and I do not intend to wait. I take off for a long time already unnecessary pants, I threw her legs on my shoulders and jerk I enter. She screams and starts to moan sweetly. I accelerate the pace, she moans louder and louder ... and ends. Breathing barely, I turn it over on my stomach, lift my ass and slowly enter it. Not having time to catch her breath from the previous orgasm, she starts screaming again ...


I fucked her for 2 hours. During this time I received a lot of pleasure and a scratched back. But it was worth it)))

This is how I celebrated my 18th birthday.