She was not like any of the women I have ever seen. She entered the room and the eyes of everyone present immediately turned on her. I worked as a bartender in a trendy club when I first saw her walking on her stunning long legs, sexually shaking her hips. She went to the bar and leaned toward me. It was noticeable that she was significantly taller than me. From close range, I managed to make sure her face was perfect - skin, like dark chocolate, thick, full brown lips and sparkling white teeth, dark eyes and a cascade of wavy black hair. She bent far over the bar to let the order out in my ear (loud music was playing in the club), she allowed me to take a quick glance at her rather deep neckline in a chic gold-trimmed dress. Diamonds sparkled in her ears. In a deep, hoarse, sensual voice, she so easily ordered a bottle of Cristal, as if $ 400 for a bottle of champagne meant nothing to her.

Later I found out that she had a love for this particular drink, because she was also called Crystal. Now, of course, I still did not know anything about her, but her charm, sexuality and imperious self-confidence, confidence that she can get what she wants, should she just smile at her snow-white smile and speak in a sensual, hoarse voice, felt instantly by all those present. I was sure she was a model. She stood so casually, showing the entire length of her dark brown legs, towering above all the men in the hall, that it seemed to her usual. Along with Diamonte sandals on 6 inch heels, her height must have been at least 6'4. Despite the fact that she was tall and slim, like a supermodel, she did not have the form of an emaciated fashion model, but a real woman. She had a big, tasty, rounded, incredibly sexy ass, which many black women have, and her huge breasts defiantly stuck far ahead. It was at least the 5th size, and just perfect shape! Simply put, the Crystal in every millimeter of its flesh embodied the ideal of black beauty!

Naturally, I saw all this not immediately, not at one glance, but this evening I spent watching her, as her friends constantly surround her, and all the guys shower her with compliments and attention signs. Fortunately for myself, I discovered that she did not single out any of them, taking everything equally calmly. That evening I could not take my eyes off her, all my thoughts were only about this black goddess!

When the club was finishing work long past midnight, and the black goddess, with a magnificent big breast, who had taken possession of all my thoughts, headed for the exit, I, having finished the work, went out after her. I watched her say goodbye to her friends and walked to the nearest metro station alone. It was time for me to go home, and my route was to lead me right in the opposite direction, but for some reason my legs carried me to the subway station. I followed a swinging her beautiful ass, as if a woman hypnotizing me. I bought a ticket and took the train with her, which, speeding up, took me away from home. And by the way this was the last train for today. And what am I just thinking about ?! Looks like I was crazy this night!

It was late and the carriage was practically empty. The crystal sat in a row of empty seats, and I settled in the opposite row a few places further to be able to admire the body of this woman. She threw one extremely long leg over the other and stared wistfully into the window of the carriage. I literally absorbed every roundness of her stunning body, trying to imagine what it looked like without this luxurious dress, and soon I also had to throw my legs to hide my erection from other people in the carriage. I turned away from my object of lust and tried to think of something else to make my dick fall.

And only I managed to take control of my erection as she got up and left the stopped train on the empty platform, heading towards the escalators leading to the street. I assumed that I could no longer hide from her the fact that I was following right behind her, just chasing her, but her body gained some power over me, and I could not stop. Stepping outside, she turned a corner, and I followed her. Our steps sounded in unison. Soon I was near a posh four-story house with balconies facing the street. There was no one around, only a tall, dark-skinned, sexy woman and a short, slender white guy who followed her. She stopped near the house and started looking for something in her bag. When she found what she wanted, she abruptly turned around and looked at me:

- Did you follow me? She asked, and all I could do was mumble something indistinctly and look at the floor guiltily. - Hey, you're a bartender from the club. I saw you staring at me all the time! - I shyly nodded. - Well, well, come with me.

She firmly grabbed my hand with such force that I could not escape from her even if I wanted to. She was not only significantly taller than me, but obviously much stronger. Her long nails dug into my wrist.

- Dirty little white boy decided to follow me. Oh well!!!

She unlocked the door, dragged me inside and led me up the stairs. Once in her apartment, I was surprised at how luxurious it was. Without further ado, she stopped me in the center of the living room and told me to undress. Fully submitting to her commanding tone, I unbuttoned and took off my pants before realizing what I was doing. Soon all my clothes were on the floor and I, completely naked, with a little strained under the gaze of my big, black amazon dick, stood in the center of the hall of an apartment completely unfamiliar to me!

- N-yes. There is nothing special to see here! - I blushed. - Nothing, baby, I love such skinny, small, submissive, white boys like you! They are so easy to control. And you want to be submissive, don't you, baby ?! You want to be submissive to your mistress, to your goddess - the Crystal? !!!

“Oh yes, Crystal, you are my lady!” I will deify every inch of your beautiful black body!

“Every inch,” she laughed, “I like your enthusiasm, boy!” - she smiled again, - Well, now you need to teach you how to worship me correctly. Get down on your knees!

I got on all fours and started kissing her toes. She put one of her sandal-clad feet on my shoulder and strongly pushed me back, so I fell on my back on a plush blanket in the center of her living room. She stood towering right in front of me. I looked up at her, on her long legs, on her outstanding breasts and really felt at the moment that she is my goddess, and I am just a little slave, called to serve her !!!

But soon the black goddess gave a surprise to her worshiper. With a single, quick movement, Crystal pulled a gold-embroidered dress over her head and threw it aside, and now she was not covered by anything except leopard underwear, which she unusually walked, and in which her body seemed to be a statue of the primitive black mistress of this world! But it was not this that struck me deeply and filled me with a feeling of admiration and admiration! She bent down, slightly shifted her leopard panties aside and from there fell out the most huge dick that I have ever seen in my life !!! My black goddess was not exactly a woman!

I have never felt embarrassed because of my rather average six-inch member until this point, because compared to the piston of this busty beauty, my segment seemed to be dwarf, which made me feel a burning shame, but at the same time admiring her amazing wand. He was more than ten inches long, and at least twice as thick as mine, and he also became even longer and fatter from the moment she took him in her arms. Soon he became almost as thick as my wrist and hung dangerously close to my face, so I got the opportunity to see well what a weighty club hung between the long, slender legs of the Crystal.
I was amazed and fascinated by this part of the Crystal body. She gave her the features of a predator, wild, rampant, dangerous and sexy! It was incredibly strange to look at these massive, round boobs with excited nipples, at the narrow waist, and then stumble upon a gigantic HUI hanging down next to my face! This amazing woman and before that caused the impression of a self-confident person who always achieves her goal, but the look of these giant balls and a fat dick that could make any men pick up from the envy of porn stars just mesmerized and caused some kind of animal in me the desire to surrender to the mercy of this power, which is simply impossible to resist!

I looked only once, and could no longer look away, so her black stake looked strong, dominant, literally requiring me to touch it, take it in my hands and lick it !!! . Her dark hands with long fingers curled around him and began to stroke the entire length, forcing a thick trunk to grow, until he practically rested against my face with a huge dark prick !!!

- Look! Here is every inch of my body, ”she grinned.“ There are quite a lot of beautiful inches, do you think ?! Probably you did not expect to find out that your little segment is so much smaller than the present LITTING of its mistress ?! But now you understand why I immediately made you want to serve and worship me! By the way, you can touch him if you like him!

I stretched out my hand and wrapped my fingers around the shaft at the base, where it joined with its divine female body. My other hand joined, but even with both hands I couldn’t wrap the entire length of its magnificent piston! I began to massage her penis, moving both hands up and down the trunk, enjoying his warmth and elastic power. Soon the veins on the trunk swelled even more, and the huge, swollen prick was adorned with drops of grease!

“Oh, Crystal, my beautiful mistress!” You just have a divine dick - long, fat and resilient, just a dream, - I moaned, involuntarily drooling at his sight, - Oh, yes, I worship your huy !!! . Crystal, my black goddess, please, let me suck you, let me suck your juicy dick !!! I beg you, let me take it in my mouth !!!

I was surprised to find that I shout out these words, choking on saliva from the desire to taste this hard piston, but half an hour ago I could not even have thought of that !!! But now I realized that I could not continue to live if this divine massive stake does not enter my mouth now!

- Mmmm, how impatient you are! Not so much time you needed to start begging me to give you by mouth !!! What do you want to suck this piece of black meat? - she smiled her brilliant white smile. “All of you are little white boys like that!” When you jerk off your tiny pussies, you imagine yourself to be males, fuckers, but as soon as you get a real black HUI under your nose, you immediately turn into flowing bitches who just dream to get a long piece of black flesh to swallow it like a real slut !! ! Is it not so, my bitch, my little white fuck? !!!

- Yes, my beautiful goddess, - I was purring like a girl, continuing to eagerly rub her monster black member, - I am just a submissive little white boy, and all we want are white boys, so this is a beautiful black girl with a big dick, which we we will suck and suck !!! Please let me try your trunk, I want your divine dick, Crystal, to bless me !!!

She knelt down, and now her royal stake, sticking up like a tower of Babel, hung less than a centimeter from my hungry lips. I stuck out my tongue and ran it over the swollen purple head, tasting its glistening drops of grease. The taste was a little salty and volatile. I opened my mouth and breathed in the musky scent of her cock. It was awesome! I let a huge, purple-black dollop slide into my mouth, wetting it abundantly with saliva. Her penis was huge, and without any experience, all I could take in first was one inch of elastic flesh. I spent the tongue around him, and began to suck the head relish, at the same time using both of his hands, that would rattle the trunk and massage the eggs!

- Is that all you can do, white nipple ?! - Crystal sighed, - You said that you want to worship my big black piston, and she barely could swallow a prick in her little white mouth! I think it's time to fix it!

She held me tightly by the back of my head and thrust my hips forward, pushing my massive cock into my mouth. I tried to relax my throat as much as possible, but still soon began to choke. She let herself go and let her cock slide back after I took about four inches. Then, after I took a breath, she pulled my head back onto her shaft. This lasted until about half of the huge trunk fell into my throat! Then she let me go and let me do everything myself. And I enthusiastically began to sway back and forth, happily munching, serving her juicy piece of meat, which over and over again strongly stretched my throat !!! At the same time, she unzipped the Leopard bra, releasing her stunning melons and began to pinch her nipples.

After a while I, lustfully smacking my lips, took the dick out of my torn mouth and began languidly licking a thick, brown, sinewy trunk, as if it were a popsicle!

- Mmmm, oh, yes, my dear goddess, I love the taste of your black fuck, I love to lick his fat trunk ... chvk ... cham ... Mmmmm, soooo ... whooh ... horrooshoo, I will bow to him ... cham ... ugghhm ... uggkkk ... you, their divine dick completely subjugated me yourself! And now your white nipple serves only to serve ... chvk ... cham ... your sweet dick !!!

I paid attention to her eggs, and began to diligently swallow them in my mouth, polishing them with my tongue, while my hands were still massaging the trunk along its entire length. Then I went back to him and started working again with my head, putting my throat on him and eagerly trying to get as much juicy, elastic, black flesh as possible in my mouth!

“Oooh, fuck what a good boy, sucks my big black cock, sucks him like a dirty white nipple, like slut,” Crystal moaned, “You understand that now you have only one thing left for you, which you will always want taste oily swollen black prick in your language !!!

I knew what would happen next, and each of my cells trembled with anticipation. As soon as the phrase "My bitch, my little white fuck ..." flew from the beautiful full lips Crystal, said in a deep, hoarse tone, I knew that her black meat would soon enter me and I longed for it! I wanted to completely obey this domineering Amazon, allow her to dominate herself, be my mistress, and myself be a little tender girl at her feet, at her LITTLE !!!

- Mmm, ... ahh ... cham ... cham ... yes-aa ... Crystal, my gorgeous black goddess, I would be happy if you fucked me with your hard dick !!! - I sighed and did not stop sucking sweetly, continued ... - Please do it, fuck me, you are the mistress of the white boys! My greedy ass now needs a good hard black horseradish, and your biggest and most beautiful one I've ever seen !!! I beg you, Crystal, implant my point on your dick !!!

“Well, you are begging me so obediently and lustfully that it would be cruel not to let you feel how he enters your little ass, how it breaks deeper and deeper, taking your virginity and making you a lascivious female, a real fucking whore who dreams be in my power !!! - She smiled. - Now lie on your back and spread your legs, as befits a little bitch !.
I did, as she said, leaning back on the rug. She spread my legs with a powerful jerk, knelt between them and put them on her shoulders, so that my ass was pointing up. Then she spat on the hand and slowly began to push a finger into my tight anus, trying to lubricate it and relax a little. Instinctively, my sphincter muscles tightly tightened around her finger.

“Come on, little white boy, admit it.” This will be the first time when you properly otbut ?! - I nodded. “Well then, then you should better try to relax, and it will really hurt when my massive black dick starts to tear off your pathetic white ass!” So you, my little one, better be ready for this!

Soon her second long dark finger joined and invaded my anus and I felt an unusual feeling of filling overwhelms me. It was new, unusual, but amazingly nice! I could not hold it, groaned and gave my ass to meet my hand, wanting to let in a little more!

“Oh, ohhh damn ... yes, yes-aa, yes-aaa, how good it is, I'm even ready to squeal from your fingers like a flowing bitch, what will happen when you put your monster into me?! ... Aaaiy bly, how nice !!! - I screamed, podmahivaya ass ass stretching her hand of his lady.

- Well, get ready, little bitch! Now you will get something more serious than a couple of fingers !!! Ready ?!

- Yes, Mistress! Take me!

- Hold on. Remember this moment! Now you will become a girl! My girl !!!

She put her hands on my buttocks and pushed them far apart, freeing the passage for her gun. Then she pressed her monster's head to my hot hole. My body began to tingle a little from my nerves. Even the very tip of her huge shaft led into awe of his size! How can she enter them into me ?! She will destroy me !!! And yet, in spite of my fears, I knew that this was exactly what I wanted right now. I let out a long groan when Crystal still pushed the swollen violet tail of her incredible cock into me. I tried to relax as much as was possible, but even the first inch of strong black meat stuck in my butt caused quite a lot of pain, and I also felt a little dizzy.

“Aah ... My GOD, Crystal, no, that’s too much!” Your dick is sooo big ... blyayaaa ... it's too big for my little butt !!!

But my lady, not paying attention to my cries, sharply moved her hips, piercing me with her spear almost through !!!

- Come on, slut, get it! I push it to the very stomach !!! - Crystal passionately wheezed, continuing to stuff my close point with her black meat. - LLC BOOOZHE, your little virgin ass so tightly squeezes my trunk, it's fucking! How long have I not fucked such tight bitches!

By this time, already about five inches of black flesh tore up my point and push by push fell deeper and deeper into my gut, letting in another millimeters and then inches of juicy, elastic flesh. My ass, nearly torn in two, half planted in it by a huge brown baseball bat, Crystal, was a little numb, and then she stopped and went all the way back, pulling her monster out of me, so that only the dickhead was buried inside me. Instantly, my distended bowel felt empty and frantically bored, needing to be filled again. Fortunately, Crystal did not torment me with anticipation, but with one powerful movement of my hips I threw my own shaft in me! It was exactly what I wanted ... wanted! I was happy!!!

- Aaaaah, ... um-mmm, ooo, he is inside !!! He is inside !!!

I squealed with a mixture of pain and pleasure when my lady sharply pushed her hips forward, pounding her throat into my stomach, and then began to slowly go out, leaving a sucking void inside me that required immediate filling. And this filling did not keep you waiting. The fat black piece of meat again fell into the hot firebox of my anus, bursting with its thickness, making me feel like a little yard bitch impaled on the hefty cock of a thoroughbred dog. I was suffocating from the oversupply of emotions, but it was so sweet that I just squeal in lustfulness ...

- Oh, yes, eba-aaaat, God, please, more !!! My lady, give me all your dick! Swallow him in me! Squeeze it into my stomach ... fucking, how can it go deep !!! LLC ebaaat, I am your bitch !!! I want more of your dick ... ahhh ... even bigger !!! Oooh my GOD, I want him in myself all, without a trace, for the most eggs-aah !!!

My divine amazon looked down at my body with a fiery gaze, and it was probably a stunner. My small, white ass swayed back and forth, shuddering under the blows ramming it, my legs were spread apart like the last whore, and my ass almost cracks at the seams, but still stretches to let in an incredible black dick that is tireless slides between the white cheeks of my poor, ruined ass! My little segment juicyly squished my stomach to the rhythm of powerful penetrations, bleeding juices.

At this moment I was admiring my view, which appeared from my position - the position of a little white bitch stuffed with a huge fat black dick and moaning like the last damn !!! I submissively lay under my mistress and admired her chic chiseled ebony hips and her narrow waist. The tall, imposing figure of my mistress, her powerful sharp movements of the hips, from which huge, rounded breasts swayed heavily — all this made me freeze with delight and admiration for my incredibly sexy, black-skinned goddess. And when I saw that her full lips were formed in O from pleasure, and her eyes darted with an oily veil of passion and lust, I was swept by wild pride, mixed with excitement, that even such an ordinary-looking donkey as I am able to give real pleasure to my amazing lady ! It made me moan and start popping my ass with renewed vigor!

- Ahh yes, this is an ass, better than any chick, which I shpilila! You will be my favorite bitch, my little white slut with a dick !!!

- Yes, yes, I am all yours ... oooh, how do you fuck me -aaa !!!

Crystal moaned and furiously drove me into the chimney. My red hot point capitulated a long time ago to the power of a black Amazon and her huge piston dived into my gut already for the very eggs !!! For the most ebony, filled with sperm, their mother, the eggs !!! I felt impaled on a stake, over and over again penetrating me almost to my heart and causing me to whine like a bitch during estrus !!! Crystal stared in amazement from top to bottom as my insatiable point sucked in her gigantic dick and muttered in shock:

- What are you bitch !!! You still do it, you will accept it completely !!! Fucking, I'm almost planting eggs for you !!! OOOhh ... ohueeeet !!! Do you hear me, bedding ?! I almost pass you the eggs !!! ... AHH ... AXXXX ... what a greedy point ... hotter ...

- Uh, aah, ohhhhh, ebiiiteeeee ... aaaaaa ...

I moaned voluptuously, for the most I can not stuffed with black flesh. With each unbearably sweet push, her divine phallus broke through the ruined sphincter and dived to the entire depth of my body, burning me with every inch of my elastic flesh. This HUI, tearing me into two parts and penetrating just incredibly deeply, powerfully stimulated the points of pleasure that I had never known before, forcing me to squirm and whine with delight !!! I even could not have thought that the dick reigning in my glasses could give me such divine pleasure!

- Mmmm, ... ahhh, ... yes ... yahhh ... oooh cheert ..., harder, oooh my lady, fuck me harder ... vooot taak ... uhhhh ... now faster ... oh my god yeeeesssssss me, i'm loving it obojah !!! ... Damn it, Crystal, you took me ... oooh gods, yeah, you took me completely-ahhh !!! You made me a woman !!! I am your ... I am YOUR !!!

- What a bitch, prikifovala from the black dick ?! How does it feel in your ass 12 inches thick dick, eh? Can you now dream of anything else ?!

I devotedly looked into the eyes of my lady while my point cracked under the onslaught of her spears and it seemed that the answer was easy to read in my eyes. And what could be the answer when a juicy, resilient piece of black meat plugs me right up to the livers, carrying each divine impulse to paradise !!!

- Yes, yes, my girl, you can not even answer! I see everything. I know this look. It happens to anyone who meets with my dick! And you are no exception! Now you will be my slave !!! Now you will resort to my call and beg to fuck you in the ass! DEFEAT ME TO PLANT YOU IN THE POINT ON THE MOST EGGS !!!

- Damn it, Crystal, yes, I am ready for anything ... oooh yeah, just don't stop it !!! ... You really are a goddess! Your big black monster is missing me in such a depth ..., ahh, ebhaaaa ... I am now running out ... my segment is so hard, it pulsates ... oooh it's incredible !!! I'm going to finish not even touching my huyuyuyuyu !!!

- Yes baby! You cum as a woman, cum from the fact that your point is impaled on the dick, cum from the fact that you are used as the last fucking !!!

- Yes, madam, yes ... oooh what a HUUUY you have !!! He makes my anus burn with fire ... He is just incredible !!! He is very ... very shy ... deliciously fat and long. And I feel his every millimeter bursting my flesh.

- Oh, in your eyes I see how you get high. Yes I believe you. I believe that you loved my dick! I believe that now you will be an obedient bedding for a black mistress, fucking hole, lubricant for my dick! And I will fuck you every day ... Naa bitch ... on ... get it for the most eggs ... nnnaaa !!!

Crystal moaned, roughly and passionately taking possession of me, stringing me on his spear, finally destroying my very recently so close, virgin ass. Now my red-hot crater slurped lustfully, defeated by the divine bridge of my divine amazon, letting and letting it out of itself and diligently squeezing it with its stenochkami.

- Ohhh my boy ... uuuh ... Your virgin white ass turned out to be so elastic and greedy, so fuckingly squeezing my stake that I will not be able to take it soon ... UUUHH DAA ... Soon I will fill you with sperm !!!

- OH MY GOD YES ... DAAA! - I squealed like a girl at the thought that I was now finished off. - I want to be washed by your divine sperm, my black lady! Finish me with your nectar from head to toe ahhh ... how do you fuck me ahhh !!!

- Yes, I'll do it. But first, I want you to cum, my little white boy. But you end up like a girl without touching your cock. Do you understand me?!

- Yes Milady! Fuck me, mistress, make your girl cum, bring me to orgasm with your fat dick, turn me up like a slut !!!

Hearing this, the Crystal has turned into a mad fury, which has started to fuck my poor point with such force and so deep that from my eyes almost sparks did not fall down! Her strong beautiful thighs rigidly hammered a stone trunk into me, penetrating me almost through. He flew into my ruined fiery anus and broke through into my body until her balls swelled by sperm splashed across my ass, signaling that all 12 inches of black flesh were buried in a white ass. Then, with a jerk, he would emerge from my red-hot depths and everything would start again. Crystal furiously wheezed completely absorbed by the process of wild fucking.

- Aaaaaah, ooo ebaa, Kristall !!! God, yes, fuck my tight ass-oooh, I'm going to cum-aaaa ... Ebi me, my mistress ... ebi ... more ... more ... oooh yeah ... your girl will finish for you now ... oh ... oo ... Oooh UH DA DA AA AAAAAAAAAA! !!

A thick stream of white sperm shot from my cock bay bare breasts. My whole body tightened, my ass squeezed even tighter around the massive member of Crystal, and then a powerful orgasm almost extinguished my mind. The incredible ejection of the pleasure of something new for me, the female, made me squeal subtly and shudder. Streams of sperm continued to pour out of my dick, more than I ever finished.

Carefully watching the bitch orgasm that I turned into, I was pretty smiling. After waiting for the end of my convulsions, she pulled her swollen cock out of my red-hot, torn ass, hung it in front of my face and began to nag it furiously with both hands.

- Yes, I see you enjoyed being fucked! You liked it when you took a big black dick. You liked it when he entered you at the very balls, subjugating your point to yourself and taking your virginity !!!

Crystal for a second immersed in their feelings, actively moving his hands and moaning sweetly.

- Oooh yes, I saw it. I saw how good you were, impaled on my count. How did you stop being a guy, and became lustful, flowing like a bitch whore !!! But there is one more step left to finally turn you into a woman! ... ooh ... xxxx ... yeah ... You must feel my sperm on yourself! I took your virginity, turned you into a girl, and now as a girl you will take over my seed !!! ... OOOOh ... I am now ... get ready bitch ... uuuh ... now your lady will finish ... ahhh ... ahh ... ahhhh ... THIS IS IT !!! OH SHIT! YES ... DAAAAAAAA !!!

A stream of milky white sperm escaped from her dark brown swollen prick and hit me on the chin. I opened my mouth and caught the second shot inside, savoring the warm, salty taste. The next jet of sperm splashed out onto my cheek. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to lick this yummy, but Krystal took advantage of this moment, literally stuck her hose into my mouth and, having moaned for a long time, began to pour the contents of her black eggs, which had swelled to enormous size, into it! I honestly tried to swallow everything, but there was so much sperm that the remnants spilled over the edge, soiling my chin and draining it on my chest, stomach, legs.

- Come on, white boy, drink my sperm, swallow the sperm of your mistress! Yes, now you're a real bitch! I fucked you in the ass, and now I feed you with your seed! Fuck, come on, lick everything!

After swallowing everything that had accumulated in my mouth, I licked her prick, licking off the remnants of sperm, and then began to collect and swallow all that glass on my body. It was divine nectar, and I was happy that I got so much of it!

Looking at my happy face, the face of a contented, well-fucked woman, Crystal smiled and patted my cheek!

- Good girl! I liked you fuck! You can rest now.

Yes, my black mistress was right. Her divine dick, who drilled a huge crater in my ass, who was now whining sweetly, destroyed the boy in me and made her lustful female. Yes, I became a girl, a girl who was sitting on the floor with her lips swollen from a blow job, with a rifled glasses, with a blunt face, and devotedly looked at her mistress, grateful to her for amazing sex. I became not just a girl, but a girl belonging only to her, my master, serving only her divine dick and serving only her wishes!

When Krystal left the room and went to rest, I, tired, exhausted, covered with sperm, with a torn ass, with a burning throat, but happy and satisfied, curled up on the carpet. I understood that my life changed forever, but I was not afraid of it. Now a lady appeared in her, whom I wanted to serve and who could award me with a truly royal reward - a huge, fat and hard, black HUEM !!! And this thought was so unbearably sweet that I smiled, and so with a smile on my lips covered with sperm I fell asleep.