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Twisted submission

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Description: Gorgeous Dgill is back in a stylized tale of domination and submission. As the movie opens, she crawls on all fours as she is led toward a chair by an anonymous domme. Dgill, her beautiful, copper-red hair streaming down her back, is wearing a classy black dress, black stockings and a black leather collar with a chain leash. Keeping the leash tight, her mistress plays the keeper of a riding crop over the girl's face and body, using it as a silent means of control as she sits on the chair and splays her long legs to reveal tiny, tight-cut black panties. As Dgill’s excitement grows, her hand moves to her crotch – only to be withdrawn as a gentle, warning swat is laid on it. It is clear that her pleasure is her mistress’s to allow, and not for her to take – and also that the scene is being filmed. Finally, with permission, she removes her dress, black bra and underwear, leaving her in only a lace garter belt and stockings, one hand pulling on her leash and playing the chain over her breasts as the other strokes her shaved pussy. Next, she kneels on the chair, flaunting her peachy cheeks and tight asshole for the camera as she reaches between her thighs to rub her clit, moaning as her arousal builds. Seated again, she frigs herself harder and faster, fingers circling and her breath coming in moans and gasps as she approaches her climax. The chain now dangles between her legs, a teasing reminder of the game she’s playing… but, free to cum, Dgill bucks against her own fingers as she orgasms. She splays her thighs to flaunt her pleasure-swollen pussy before sitting demurely on the chair, then sinking to her knees as her domme returns to lead her away again.
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