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Pain equals pleasure

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Description: Stunning red-haired Dgill returns in this emotionally charged flight of fancy. A natural beauty, casually dressed in a long check shirt belted at the waist, she walks into her living room carrying a letter. Relaxing on the couch, she begins to read, at first happy to hear from the sender… but her joy is short-lived. What the handwritten note says remains a mystery, although it ends with “Sorry…” Upset and angry, Dgill throws it on the coffee table – then, after reading it once again, she tears it to pieces and flings them away. In need of comfort, she hugs and caresses herself, then unbuckles her tan-leather belt. She snaps it, enjoying the sound of hide on hide, and wraps it around her wrist. Then, doubling it up, she begins to spank it against her thigh. Splaying her legs, she plays the belt over her white panty crotch, then slaps it against her inner thighs, alternating between soothing and stinging sensations. Then she pulls her underwear aside and rubs the leather against her shaved pussy. Soon her shirt and white bra come off and, now naked, she begins to play with her wet slit, circling her fingers over her clit and working them up and down. She moans and gasps as she caresses her medium-sized breasts. Kneeling on all fours with her beautiful ass on display, Dgill reaches back and continues to frig herself, her moans slightly muffled as she sucks on the fingers of her other hand. Then, as she edges closer to orgasm, her cries become louder and more urgent. She sits back, fingers a blur and hips bucking as she takes herself over the edge. Calm again, for now at least, she runs the leather belt gently and teasingly over her body. She may experience heartache, but she has the means to get herself through it…
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