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Description: Alix Lynx is unhappy that her stepson Kyle Mason has interrupted her during her yoga workout. As punishment for his bad behavior, Alix orders him to stay for the remainder of her workout. She soon discovers that Kyle is totally turned on by her, so she demands that he lick her pussy. Once he proves that he can make magic with his mouth, it's not long before Kyle finds himself buried balls deep in his stepmom as they fuck standing up. He can only hold out for so long before pulling out to cover Alix's back with jizz. Later that day, Alix comes across Kyle and his girlfriend Elsa Jean making out. She reminds Kyle that in her house there's no fucking unless she knows the girl. Moments later, Elsa is standing up for Alix's inspection. Next, Alix tells Kyle to show her how he fingers Elsa and then demonstrates the proper technique. They follow the same pattern as Kyle shows his stepmom how he licks pussy. When she requests to see Kyle fuck Elsa, Alix has to remind her stepson that it's her house and her rules, but he complies. Once Alix gets a taste of watching Kyle bang his blonde teen dream, she wants in on the action. It's not long before her instruction turns into full-on participation as she teaches both Kyle and Elsa new tricks while getting her own cum craving pussy pounded. As Kyle reaches the inevitable conclusion to their lovemaking, Alix has one last rule. She orders him to creampie Elsa's tight fuck hole, leaving her dripping with his love.
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