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Description: Young Erica was bored. It was such a sunny weather outside, and she was dreaming about a nice walk with her boyfriend. But he was stuck with his PC like usual. Sometimes, Erica thought that he loves this machine more than her, since they didn't have sex for a month. Looks like today nothing is going to change. Her boyfriend even pushed her away, when she sat on his table. Erica was disappointed and upset. She looked around and decided to join her boyfriend's father, who was watching TV. There was nothing else to do. She was just sitting on that sofa close to her boyfriend's daddy. Unsatisfied and unhappy. Her sexual power had to find a way out so Erica started to play with herself and the older gentleman noticed that. He was much older than Erica and his son was her boyfriend, but right here and right now they were together full of lust... Her boyfriend's dad fucked her hard on that sofa behind his son's back until she comes... How could they ever know that their secret will be disclosed so fast?
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