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Description: The smoking hot ebony schoolgirl Zoey Reyes was quite the popular young lady at her private learning institution. She decided to use her popularity to try and run for class president! It was quite daunting, so she hit up her white friend Dylan who was actually the current class president for pointers. He came over her house and they got to talking. Zoey wanted to skip the small stuff and get straight to the point. How did he win the election? It turns out he got the endorsement of the last president, and from there it was as easy as chocolate pudding pie! Zoey smiled, because she figured Dylan would then offer his recommendation for her presidency. Too bad he already endorsed one of the prissy white girls named Becky. That girl was a major bitch. Zoey got to thinking. This was politics so maybe if she scratched Dylan's back he would scratch hers? That's basically political jargon for i'll suck your dick and let you fuck me for what I want. Dylan loved the offer, plus he never had sex with a black girl before and he wanted to see if what they say was true. Dylan got his world rocked by Zoey's black teen mouth and pussy, making him putty in Zoeys hands. Not only did Zoey become Black Valley Highs first black female president, but she was the first girl in her family to experience a white mans cum. Boy was it amazing!
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