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Description: SCENE opens on a shot of Paula, an 18-year-old girl, as she stares at herself in the bathroom mirror. From the mirror's POV, we watch her. Her face is perfectly made up and she is wearing expensive lingerie ... But something about her seems sad. Her face is stone cold and vacant. A minute of silence passes before she snaps out of it and takes something from her cabinet. She unwraps and drops two antacid tablets into a glass of water on the counter. The water fizzes. Cut back to a shot of Paula. She pulls on a fleecy robe to hide her lingerie and exits the room. Mom and dad are sitting up in bed, watching TV, when Paula enters the room in her robe. She is holding the glass of water. When mom notices her, she tells her how adorable she looks and beckons her over to join them. Dad seems aloof and keeps flicking the remote. 'I've brought you your antacid, mom.' Paula says and hands her the glass. Mom smiles and takes it, thanking her daughter for always being so dutiful and taking care of her. Paula shrugs and tells her it's no big deal. But mom pulls her in and gives her a hug. 'No Paula, I mean it.' She says. 'All this year, ever since I got sick, you've been such an angel. Bringing me my medicine every night; Deciding to stay at home even after you graduated, just so you could take care of me along with your step-father.' Dad keeps staring at the TV. Paula smiles and hugs her back. 'You know me mom, I'll always be your baby. Now come on and drink this before your reflex gets bad.' Mom nods knowingly and takes a sip before turning to her husband. 'Aren't we blessed, honey?' She says. 'Blessed that our little girl has grown up into such a caring, loving woman? Other 18-year-olds mistreat their parents ... but not our Paula. She takes such good care of us.' Dad takes a long pause before turning to smile at his wife. 'Yes, sweetie.' Clutching Paula's hand affectionately, mom drinks the rest of her antacid before placing the glass on the night stand. All three watch the TV in silence before mom slowly sputters and slumps over. Paula stares down at her unconscious mother before dad breaks the silence. 'Took long enough tonight,' he says standing up and starting to remove his pajamas. 'Are you wearing what I bought you?' Paula slowly removes her hand from her mothers and stands up too ... about to disrobe. Dad excitedly stops her. 'Wait,' he orders. 'I want to save up for that. First, I think I want to fuck your face in that cute little robe for a minute. My sweet baby girl.' He laughs as Paula stands there fidgeting. 'Do you think we could go to my room this time?' she asks submissively. Dad pulls down his pants and tells her to crawl over, they are going to do it here like they always do. Slowly Paula gets on her knees and makes her way over to her erect father. 'Is step-daddy ready for his nightly blow job?' she says, staring up at him. 'In my house, you call me daddy.' He says, grabbing her face. 'I don't want to hear that step bullshit again. Now, open your mouth.' Paula smiles and says, 'yes daddy.
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