Banging the bagger

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Description: 18 year old grocery bagger (yes, seriously) Naomi has only had sex with one other guy in her life, her ex-boyfriend, with whom she only recently lost her virginity. She must have one of those fabled magic pussies because even ultra-hardened porn lord Jake cums early during her casting, leaving him and her surprised. She's not on birth control but a few sperm rockets make it up her womb before Jake can muster the strength to pull out, and only because our teen can feel his spasms and gets off him. Somehow still somewhat coherent, Jake actually gets Naomi to put her mouth back on his dick to catch the remaining cum spurts, and then he makes her lick up the cum that made its way on to the couch. Yes, we're jumping ahead here to the ending of Naomi's casting but that pretty much tells you exactly the type of submissive newbie this girl is. She just does as she's told. Freshly inseminated and cum-fed, Naomi believes this business is totally right for her. That's great, if she ever finds a real producer who will actually give her paying jobs, she'l be happy. Until then, Naomi, please make sure you put the eggs in a separate plastic bag, and double-bag the watermelon. Okthx.
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