Sister's sex suspension

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Description: Hime did not want to go to school and her stepbrother was not having it. He threatened to call mom and dad, then Hime realized she was going to have to bargain. She said she would do anything, and stepbro requested to see her naked. Hime's slutty self did not hesitate to lift her shirt and appease stepbro for now. Later that day hime was getting deep into her pussy for some personal masturbation time, only to be caught by her stepbro again. She was super embarrassed, but brother told her to just lay back and relax. You can only imagine what went on after that. The next day, brother was cleaning out one of the dressers in the house and caught Hime hiding in it! What a sneaky little slut. Hime then tells him that she got suspended indefinitely and that's why she hasn't been going to school. She needs stepbro to take the call for a parent teacher conference, and he's willing to do it only if he gets to fuck her pussy and mouth. He begins to ream Hime, making her eyes roll into the back of her head. The only thing better than the sex was the whopping load he left on Himes cute little face.
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