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Description: Mya Mays was so excited to introduce her boyfriend to her stepmom Jasmyne De Leon, too bad the encounter didn‘t go as planned. Despite how excited Mya was, Jasmye was less than enthusiastic and barely even acknowledged his existence, or so he thought. After chilling for a bit, the boyfriend gets up to use the bathroom and forgets to close the door. Jasmyne starts snooping on him, and sees his long slender cock. Now she sees why her daughter likes this guy. Jasmyne wants a piece too though. She starts sucking him off right there in the bathroom! What a dirty mommy Jasmyne is. The next day, boyfriend makes his way over to the house only to be greeted by Jasmyne in her underwear. It was a bit uncomfortable, but boy was she looking hot. The situation escalated, and lead to the boyfriend not just getting another blowie but some sweet mommy cunt too! Everything was orgasmic, until Mya walked in on them. Now there was a problem, and Yasmine needed to figure out how to fix it. She called Mya and her boyfriend over the next day and sat them down for a talk. Jasmyne came to the idea that the only reason the boyfriend chose to fuck her was because Mya wasn‘t pleasing him. The only way she could learn how is by being taught from the best. Yasmine and Mya both double teamed this lucky boyfriend and showed him that mother daughter time can be a super hot thing when they‘re both pleasing his cock. One final cumshot to Mya‘s face and this family affair was complete! Hope you‘re loving these Bad Milfs Skeeters!
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