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Description: Blanche Bradburry can hardly wait to seduce Michael Fly. The hot blonde struts up to him in just a bra and thong, presenting her buxom chest for him to grope and lick. Once she has given Michael a taste, Blanche climbs onto her knees before him so he can enjoy the view up the line of her body while continuing to satisfy her desires. The couple relocates to the living room, where Blanche once again finds herself riding Michael's lap while his hands stroke and squeeze her big knockers. When she has had enough busty foreplay, Blanche leans in for a kiss to imply to Michael that she would like something new. Happy to comply, he helps her onto the back of the couch where he can pull her thong aside and sample the cream of her lush twat. When Michael finally gets Blanche out of her panties, he resumes his pussy feast. His tongue strokes along her clit piercing and delves deep into her greedy channel, spreading her juices everywhere. Always happy to enjoy oral sex, Blanche closes her eyes and loses herself in the moment for a while. She isn't willing to be a passive participant forever, though, so eventually she adjusts her position so she can lean forward to suck Michael off in a glorious 69 as he continues to work magic with his mouth and tongue. Since Michael is on his back anyway it is easy for Blanche to switch things up. She slides her bottom down and, with her back to Michael, lifts her hips so she can take his stiffie deep inside. As soon as she's fully impaled she starts rocking her hips in a primal rhythm that gets her boobies bouncing with the force of her thrusts. Turning around so she can look her love in the eyes as she fucks him, Blanche maintains her hot and horny pace. Rolling over so she's on her hands and knees, Blanche moans with sheer sexual need as Michael slides back inside. His long dick hits all the right spots as he takes her doggy style. His strokes begin long and slow, but he responds to Blanche's cries of delight by speeding up until she explodes in delight. When Blanche flips onto her back and spreads her thighs, Michael eagerly accepts her blatant invitation to keep up his pussy pounding. His hardon is just what Blanche craves as she lifts her hips in time with his thrusts. As soon as he knows he has satisfied her one last time, he pulls out so Blanche can stroke him off to cover her jiggling tits in a cum shower.
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Models: Kingstong, Jamaica Blanche Bradburry