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Description: Wearing a tight dress that shows off her lack of bra and a pair of fuck me high heels, Audrey Royal is in full seduction mode. Johnny Castle is fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of Audrey's advances. Soon he finds himself running his hands beneath her miniskirt and thong to cup her ass before he slides them up to caress her small boobs. Though she loves having Johnny's hands and mouth all over her heated body, Audrey is interested in something a little more solid than a moan between her lips. Her hands slip down Johnny's belly to rest on his erection. Kneeling, she undoes his belt so she can pull out his stiffie and start sucking. Stroking with her soft fingers and lapping away with her tongue, she samples her musky delight. Then she opens her mouth wide to take Johnny's hardon in a deep throat blowjob that leaves her gagging but satisfied. Turning around and resting her arms on the table, Audrey gasps as Johnny relieves her of her thong and spreads her ass cheeks. Keeping them parted, he stiffens his tongue to tease her ass before turning her around. Easing Audrey down, Johnny helps her arrange herself on a stool so that he can feast away at her creamy bare twat. He fondles her clit with his magic fingers and talented tongue while Audrey fills the room with her moans. Sliding two fingers into Audrey's fuck hole, Johnny keeps up his oral stimulation until his puffy lip girlfriend is quivering with delight. Climbing to his feet, Johnny presses his cock deep into Audrey's greedy slit until his balls slap her pussy. He takes her on her back, but eventually urges her onto her feet so he can fuck her from behind. As Audrey steadies herself on the stools, Johnny pounds away at her fuck hole to her delight. Drawing Audrey backwards, Johnny takes a seat on a stool while never losing his rhythm. Audrey comes willingly, taking her cue to bounce away on her boyfriend's fuck stick. Her bald pussy stiffie ride comes complete with a set of bouncing little tits tipped with diamond hard puffy nipples. The position is just what Audrey needs to get off one last time as her twat pulses with orgasmic bliss. Dropping to a crouch, Audrey once again strokes Johnny's erection as she edges him closer to his own climax. As he closes in on cumming, Audrey leans her head forward so that as Johnny's cumshot explodes everywhere it hits her in the mouth. Stroking him down from his orgasm, she sucks the head of his fuck stick clean of jizz.
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